Biomedical Engineering Career

Are you on the verge of graduating from high school and you don’t know what college to apply to? Moreover, do you have a dilemma about what career would suit you best and all those talks with your parents and school counselors didn’t really help? Well, if numbers are not appalling you; if you like chemistry and biology and if you are fascinated by engineering you might want to consider becoming a biomedical engineer. Recently developed as a separate discipline, biomedical engineering seems to be quite the field of success.

Biomedical engineering actually means the application of engineering principles and concepts to biology and medicine. It involves design as well. This is the field that aims to cover the gap between medicine on the one hand and engineering on the other. The fabulous results and discoveries made in this field are then used in therapy, monitoring and even in diagnosing. This is what most people like to think of as the science of the future.

Clinical equipment, medical implants, the development of new drugs and bio pharmaceutical products, these are all biomedical engineering applications. If you choose to work in this field you will most likely get a very well paid job in a very short time as biomedical engineers are well sought after. Recent studies show that the need for biomedical engineers will rise even more in following years, by 21% or even more.

The average salary in this field is somewhere between $80,000 and $90,000 but you will be expected to work 40 hour weeks. The work is interesting and rewarding and if you have a M.Sc. degree your salary will be even higher. The best universities that offer majors in this field are Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland; Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, Duke University, Yale University and several more.