Biomedical Engineering Companies

A person who graduates from a university or college with a degree in biomedical engineering will discover that many companies may be vying for their employment. This is because the many practical applications of BME knowledge are quite disparate. Research centers and pharmaceutical companies are frequent employers, but there are also specialist BME organizations that are growing in both size and the attention being paid to them.

One of the biggest of these BME companies is called Genentech. With over 35 years of experience in the recent field and a total of 11,000 employees, Genentech is considered to be an industry leader in product development and the creation of new pharmaceutical drugs.

Another company that has recently started to make headlines is known as 23andMe. Backed with funding from Google, 23andMe is one of the first companies to offer consumers the ability to understand information that comes directly from their genetic code, including predispositions to disease, ancestry, and individual traits.