What is an oncologist

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Oncologist is one of the hardest among biomedicine careers.What is an oncologist? Let’s try to answer this question. Oncologist definition can be treated in some ways.

Firstly, it requires extensive knowledge and skills, because the cancer has many faces, it sneaks quietly, resists treatment and tends to spread throughout the body.

Secondly, cancer disease is tragic. Despite medical advances, people are still dying from cancer. Every oncologist knows that he will not be able to cure some of his patients: to someone the cancer diagnosis was signified too late, and someone is just out of luck, and his view of cancer is particularly difficult to be treated, while someone gave up and refuses treatment for cancer.


Oncologist can work in the oncology departments of hospitals, specialized cancer centers, cancer research institutes, biomedical research institutes. It is one of the most popular and demanded biomedicine careers. The oncologist salary is one more reason of this popularity among young specialists.

Important qualities

Oncologist is one of those radiation therapy jobs which suggest a high degree of responsibility, determination and a desire to help people, as well as a good memory, scientific mind, stress resistance, sensitive fingers, good fine motor skills.
Disturbances of vision or hearing (if they cannot be adjusted by the glasses or apparatus) are a hindrance in such work.

Knowledge and skills
Radiation oncologist needs to know the causes and course of cancer, their symptoms, the methods of examination and treatment methods.
The depth of knowledge of various methods and oncologist job description is depending on the specialization.
Also, the oncologist must understand the psychology of cancer patients to be able to find a common language with each of them, to inspire confidence and the will to fight the disease.

Where to study
Biomedicine and pharmacotherapy become more and more demanded from day to day. To get oncologist profession, you need to complete medical school and undergo postgraduate training in the specialty “oncology”.