The hidden data transfer in medical information systems

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The issue of protecting citizens’ personal data processed in information systems is on the agenda now. Medical information systems are the most important classes of such systems.

The main function of the medical information systems (MIS) is to support the activity of medical institution. The main difference of this system from other software products is that it holds and processes personal and confidential information.

Medical and health information about the patient have limited access. It is a professional secret regulated by the current legislation.

In accordance with this a number of security measures must be implemented. The security and confidentiality of data is one of the key requirements for a modern MIS.

At the moment the protection of personal data in the MIS includes two basic aspects. The first is the ethical (professional) aspect of the interaction between doctor and patient. The second aspect is the protection of information in the medical system from a technical point of view.

It is considered that up to 60% of medical information leakage occurs due to the actions of medical workers. About 40% of information leaks for technical reasons. Moreover, the technical aspect of the leakage of personal information can be controlled much worse than subjective factors.

The number of used medical equipment increases dramatically. This is the reason why the significance of the organizational and program-technical protection against unauthorized access also increases.

One option that can guarantee the safety and confidentiality of the personal patient’s information is a VPN service. A VPN connection is absolutely safe and accessible for use. It provides the user whether it is a private user, a large company or enterprise with a dedicated encrypted tunnel for data transmission. Criminals will not be able to trace your activity. Using a dedicated IP you will not only remain anonymous for other users on the network, but also fully protect yourself and your data from interception.

Today this is especially true at the design stage on which the information security is not taken into account.